The Infinite Bank Strategy

Benefits Of Your Private Infinite Banking System

  • Take over your debts
  • Build a retirement plan
  • Pay for college
  • Finance a business
  • Build multi-generational wealth
  • Life insurance (death benefit)
  • Major medical (compare to an HSA)
  • Disability protection (using a Rider)
  • Guaranteed access (emergency fund)
  • College savings (compare to a 529 Plan)
  • Retirement (compare to IRA or 401(k))
  • Asset protection in case of lawsuits
  • Tax protected growth (compare to Roth)
  • Estate planning tool (compare to a trust)

These are but a few of the key benefits you get with creating your own private Infinite banking system. Let’s take a moment to explore how this can benefit you and your family for generations to come.

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Infinite Bank

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